Internet control and security

Article 1: Convenient, but how secure?


Article 2: New rules for new technology


Article 3: World war web


All of these articles that I have read have taught me that I have to be very careful to what I do on the internet.  I can never be too cautious from viruses, hackers and much more things that could go wrong with my security.  Especially with online banking or anything with handling your money over the internet. “criminals aren’t giving up and regulators have decided that current security systems based on passwords, tokens and cookies aren’t strong enough.” This is true that criminals are not giving up because there will always be people out there that will try and hack into your computer and try to get information.  “Right now an estimated 14 million to 28 million Americans have no way of getting access to the Internet.”  There is a lot of people out there which makes it more important to be aware of what can happen.

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